The finest mythology comes from the elders, shamans, and visionaries who translate what they see into ritual tales. THE HAND OF ZEUS captures the imagination and poetry of the ages and gracefully transforms these images into a modern tale about the Zeus, the King of Gods. Inspired by his love for his people, Zeus arranges to give each of the Greeks a taste of his magical powers. While his gift is honored by most, a few bad eggs - 1,400 in fact - try and grab more than their share of abundance and hatch a plot to overthrow Zeus. An ill-formed plan, the all-knowing Zeus discovers their intentions and before they can act, the powerful hand of Zeus hurls the greedy Greeks into the raging Aegean Sea. As they become smaller and smaller, their gift of magic is taken away and each one becomes one of the beautiful 1,400 Greek Islands. Shimmering like diamonds in the clear, blue waters, these transformed rebels remain today as a reminder of what can happen to gifts ill spent. Yet, Zeus, ever the loving father, still holds his "children" safely within the palm of his hand and THE HAND OF ZEUS can be seen, even today, as Zeus' remarkable fingers reach out and gently support the archipelago of small Greek islands that float in the deep, blue sea.

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