Katerina and Aegea Barclay have co-created a modern myth about the creation of Greece. Inspired by their Greek heritage and a desire to honor the gifts the Greeks have given the world, THE HAND OF ZEUS is a story of magic and love. Born from the charmed moment when a mother and daughter share a made-up story together, THE HAND OF ZEUS emerged over a five-year stretch of the imagination into the profoundly beautiful book it is today.

Illustrated by Katerina Barclay in bold colors and rich tones, THE HAND OF ZEUS suggests the ancient traditions of Greek folklore nestled into the magical landscapes of Marc Chagall and the bold use of metallics by Gustav Klimt. Printed on art paper and slip-cased into a stunning binding, THE HAND OF ZEUS has the feel of an illuminated manuscript nurtured by the designs of a modern mosaic.

Aegea & Katerina

Katerina & Aegea Barclay

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