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Authors: Katerina and Aegea Barclay
- mother & daughter

Illustrator: Katerina Barclay
Story: Explains why the country of Greece is formed in the shape of a hand and how the country's islands were formed, including the truth about the way people behave when they are given great gifts and how the greed and avarice of a few can transform the very nature of the land itself.
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Distributor: Ingram
Format: Dust jacketed hard cover;
9 ½″ x 12 ½″; 42 pages
Book With Cover

Event Ideas: This unique book for children of all ages weaves together a variety of interesting elements that can be used to develop exciting activities for your patrons.
  • Mother/daughter reading and book signing
  • Reading with an exhibit of original art work
  • Conversation with teachers about the paintings and/or Greek culture
Event Theme: Expand your event calendar with timely or unusual theme. This rich story provides a variety of opportunities.

Olympics - Greek culture, Mythology (The Hand of Zeus has been addded to the Olympic Museum Library)

Parenting - Mother/daughter writing team, Making self-publishing a family affair

Cultural Heritage - Cultural awareness in the family, Family heritage as a basis for art - writing, painting, storytelling

Literacy - Creative writing for/with children, Crafting original myth/story based on past and present culture

Art - Art/Painting for children, Local artist

Contact: Aegeandesign@gmail.com

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