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Emily Corey

Mother-and-Daughter Team Publish Original Greek Myth
Family and Heritage Come Together To Create a Timeless Story for Children of All Ages

SEATTLE, Wash., July 19, 2004--The Puget Sound-based mother-and-daughter team of Katerina and Aegea Barclay have crafted an original myth celebrating Greek heritage that has become The Hand of Zeus, a children's picture book that presents an alternative story of the formation of the mainland and islands of Greece.

In the book, which was co-written by the two Greek-American women and illustrated by mom Katerina, the interaction between human beings and Zeus examines how greed and avarice can transform the physical geography as well as people of a nation. Gathering images from both ancient and modern-day Greece, the women have a created an array of symbolism with a beautiful collection of original artwork.

"Mythology is the translation of what we see, hear and experience into ritual form," says co-author and artist Katerina Barclay, who grew up with Greek-immigrant parents in Wenatchee. "We wanted to explore the traditions of our heritage while using originality in story, artwork and moral."

18 year-old Aegea wrote the original story five years ago as part of a school creative writing assignment. The project evolved into a family affair with various members working together on the creative content, artwork and self-publishing efforts needed to transform the idea into a book.

"The story was always inside of my mother and me," say Aegea. "We were just the vehicles for our ancestors. Being raised in the United States is a privilege but we must never forget the cultures we come from."

Katerina and Aegea will be conducting readings, book signings and interactive art events throughout the Puget Sound region to provide their hometown readers with an early look at The Hand of Zeus prior to the national book launch scheduled for early this fall.

For information about The Hand of Zeus, including a list of upcoming events go to www.handofzeus.com


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